How To Stay In Touch With A Friend Long Distance

Adult friendships are tricky. Between careers, partners, and kids, everyone is so much busier than they used to be. Add distance to the mix, and it can feel impossible to keep up. Sure, social media helps when it comes to acquaintances and casual friends, but maintaining a close friendship takes more effort.

So if find yourself on the other side of the country — or even the state — from one of your BFFs, know that it is possible to be involved in each other's day-to-day life. Friend dates are still a go, and your friendship can even become stronger when it's long distance. Below, find a few ways to keep your LDF alive and well no matter how much space lies between you.

Watch a TV Show or Movie Together

Miss your binge-watching parties? You still have options when it comes to watching a TV show or movie together: in real time while texting or on your own so you can catch up later. Either way, you can talk out all your feelings together. Just try to stay on a similar schedule so your reactions feel fresh.

Cook Together

Return to 2020's glory days of video socializing, and make dinner or tackle a classic baking recipe together.

Plan a Vacation

Planning a trip is a triple threat of quality time: Not only do you get to spend weeks or months hatching an itinerary, but then you get to travel together. And, you'll have plenty to reminisce about when it's over.

Send Mail

Whether it's a postcard, a letter written on your nicest stationery, or a wrapped gift, it's a rare treat to receive an item in the mail you're truly excited about — especially something you didn't order and pay for.

Take a Course Together

Find an interest you share and take an online class in it — whether live or on your own time. It can be ongoing or a one-off. While the subject matter really can be anything, creative and hands-on courses like cake decorating, watercolor painting, or flower arranging get our vote.

Start a Book Club

All you need is two people to start a club, so here's your chance to tackle those much-talked-about BookTok reads. Who knows? You might eventually want to grow your membership.

Make a Joint Playlist

Spotify allows users to co-create playlists, so you can both add your favorite songs to the mix. Make multiple playlists or update a master one on a regular basis. Either way, you can stay on the same page music-wise.

Work Out

Take a live class, start a video at the same time, or work through a routine via FaceTime. You could even go for walk and chat your steps away. Whatever activity you choose, it's a great way to spend quality time together while getting in some movement.

Play a Game

Whether it's a video or a virtual board game, this lets you truly interact from anywhere in the world.

Have a Weekly Call

Even if all other attempts to talk or hang out fail, a standing phone date every week or month helps ensure you'll be in touch, no matter busy your lives get.

Don't Avoid Issues

Surely, you're acquainted with avoidance? That feeling that makes you run in the opposite direction even when you know it'll only make the situation worse. This can happen if either, or both, of you gets busy and the relationship starts to slide. The best way to prevent this is to understand that your relationship will ebb and flow. Just don't run the other way when it ebbs. Talk about it! It doesn't have to spell the end. Most likely, it's just one phase of a long and happy friendship.

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Featured image: Amanda Filkins/Pexels