Junji-Ito-inspired World of Horror leaves PC early access in October

World of Horror, the Junji-Ito-inspired roguelike RPG from developer Paweł Koźmiński, leaves PC early access on 19th October and releases for PlayStation and Switch on the same day.

World of Horror initially launched into PC early access a little over three years ago, and its deliciously nasty tale of a seaside town beseiged by malevolent cosmic forces - which players must investigate over the course of five randomly selected mysteries each playthrough - has slowly expanded with new stories, events, and features since then.

If you've not yet hopped onboard World of Horror's early access, the whole thing plays out something like a 1-bit version of the board game Arkham Horror, albeit with Lovecraftian overtones traded for something closer to Junji Ito's distinct brand of the mundane run amok - so think high school terror, haunted bulletin board systems, and so on.

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