Let’s Get It On: The Best Sex Toys for Gay, Bi & Queer Men in 2021

So, you downloaded Grindr again, didn’t you? You said that last time would be the end of it. Look at you not following through with what you say. Are we really shocked?

No tea no, shade, we get it! It’s Hot Boy Summer after all. After spending the majority of time in quarantine sending nudes to strangers on Jack’d and all the other best hookup apps, we get it if you’re craving a little bit of IRL D right about now. Just be safe about it, remember to have fun and consider spicing it up with the best gay sex toys. Oh, you thought we were keeping it vanilla after staying celibate for so long? Cute. Real cute.

Whether you’re new to the gay sex toy scene or you continuously find yourself keeping your best prostate massager in your tote bag every time you leave the house “just in case”, we’re sure some of the best gay sex toys are right up your alley when having fun in summer 2021. No matter whether you’re gay, bi, queer, pan or even a little curious, the best gay sex toys are calling your name for both solo and coupled fun.

To make it all a little easier, we’re going to split the best gay sex toys into three categories: “For Your Ass”, “For Your Dick” and “Not For Your Ass or Dick”. You know, just to keep things straightforward.

Without further ado, let’s get to it.

For Your Ass

As you might have guessed, yes. These are the best gay sex toys you can put in your ass because the world simply wouldn’t run without our bottom and verse kings and theys. All of the products listed below are safe for use in or around your butt for pleasurable purposes. Just add lube and you’re ready to go.


Behold: the LELO HUGO. Quite possibly the best prostate massager of all time. Prostate massagers are already some of the best gay sex toys on the planet, but I don’t know, man, there really is something about the LELO HUGO that hits different. This remote-controlled prostate massager is made to transform the way you orgasm in both coupled and solo expeditions. It’s got two vibrating motors (one at the base and one at the tip) for double the pleasure in both your prostate and at the rim. The HUGO is 100% waterproof so you can use it in really wet circumstances. Not only that, but it’s rechargeable so you can simply plug it in after use and it will be ready to go the next time you have fun.

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2. Satisfyer Booty Call

A plug set for just $15? Baby, count us the fuck in. If you haven’t used a butt plug before, it’s time to add these babies to your artillery. These plugs offer three different shapes for three unique satisfying pleasure options, a swirled one, one with two large balls with a tighter middle and lastly, an option with three balls that sizes up the closer you get toward the end. Each plug is made entirely of silicone and features a loop grip for easy pull-out, making the Booty Call a safe, exciting way to play each and every time.

Satisfyer Booty Call


3. Adam & Eve Adam’s True Feel Dildo

Sometimes, a classic dildo is all you need to get the right amount of pleasure you’re looking for. But, you’ve never tried a dildo like Adam’s True Feel Dildo. It feels so real that it might as well be Adam’s True Feel Dick. This king of the garden has some serious girth to it and a numbing 7″ length. It’s soft and flexible yet has the exact same feeling of a throbbing, warm erection. Just as you’d imagine, it has a suction so you can even stick it on your wall. Did someone say shower fun?

Adam's True Feel Dildo


4. Babeland Naughty Trainer Set

If you’re starting off using butt plugs and don’t want to get too crazy just yet, Babeland’s Naughty Trainer Set is probably more up your alley. These frill-less, unintimidating plugs are all black and made with tapered silicone. They gradually get larger, so it’s best you start with the smallest and work your way up to what your ass can take. We definitely suggest these more for tops looking to become more versatile. Y’all bottoms? Maybe look elsewhere.

Babeland Naughty Trainer Set


5. LELO Loki Wave

Considering this is already the second time we’ve included LELO in this article, you guys need to know just how *chef’s kiss* this brand is. Like. Game-changing. We can’t even express. The Loko Wave is a taunting little vibrating unit perfectly designed to offer both internal and external stimulation at the exact same time. It’s the very first vibrator ever to offer a “come hither” motion inside of you, making the Loki Wave one of the most unique gay sex toys on the market. With adjustable power depending on how freaky you’re trying to get and ten different stimulation modes, you might as well ditch your Hot Boy Summer and use this with the AC on ’til September.

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LELO Loki Wave


6. Njoy Pure Plug Medium

We typically don’t suggest you go searching for the best gay sex toys on Amazon, but the Njoy Pure Plug is an enigma. This solid, silky smooth, weighted steel plug is perfect for wearing during play and all-day wear. Yeah, we know some of you get down with that. More power to you. This plug will constantly remind you throughout your day just how sensitive you are back there when you sit down, walk down the street or work out at the gym. The steel consistency makes this plug really easy to clean post-wear and will effortlessly slide inside you each time.

Njoy Pure Plug Medium

Buy: Njoy Pure Plug Medium $65.96


7. Lovehoney Butt Tingler 10 Function Vibrating Butt Plug

Can’t use a plug unless it vibrates? We get it. This 4.6-star, 10-function vibrating butt plug is exactly what you need to get that P-spot going bonkers. This toe-curling device isn’t necessarily the type of plug you’re going to want to wear out in public discreetly. Yeah, it’s quiet enough to wear on the go, but we don’t know if your body will be able to handle all of this sensation in the great outdoors. For real, take our advice and use this primarily for indoor playtime or you’ll be walking like the Energizer Bunny from point A to point B all day.

Lovehoney Butt Tingler 10 Function Vibrating Butt Plug


8. Adam & Eve Foot-Long Double Dildo

So, you’re a bottom. And you’re hooking up with another bottom. Hm. You should’ve thought this one out. Thankfully, Adam & Eve makes this wild double-sided dildo ready for the perfect bottom-on-bottom crime. You know what to do here. It isn’t rocket science. Ass to ass, baby. Figure it out.

Adam & Eve Foot-Long Double Dildo


For Your Dick

Hi, tops. Say thank you to the bottoms before you go any further.

Obviously, a lot of bottoms still love some frontal pleasure the same way tops do, so the best gay sex toys for your dick are really make for anyone with a shlong between their legs. Get ready to pleasure.

9. LELO F1S V2

If you’ve been following along with us at SPY for some time now, you’ll know that we love LELO’s F1s Developer’s Kit. But, in the past couple of months, our favorite LELO sleeve has gotten a bit of a toe-curling upgrade. Meet the F1s V2, the next generation in penis pleasure. This breathtaking sleeve is built for all shapes and sizes and works as the brand’s first open-interface sextech console. It has double the power of the original F1s with a bigger range of control. It’s got ten sensors to help you achieve peak performance, so much so that it will provide feedback to the connected LELO app. Essentially, this baby’s gonna drive you wild.

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10. Fleshlight Flight Pilot

No list of the best gay sex toys can do without a fleshlight. It’s the first sex toy you ever purchased at Spencer’s when you were, like, 17. The one you hid under your bed and used while secretly clicking into the “gay” section of PornHub. You know, back during the times where deleting your browser history was an everyday occurrence. We’ve got something to tell you, the Fleshlight has changed a lot since then. The Fleshlight Flight Pilot is a whirlwind of a gay sex toy that will have you on your hands and knees begging for mercy. It mimics genuine sex and has an internal sleeve that we’re sure will knock your socks off.

Fleshlight Flight Pilot

Buy: Fleshlight Flight Pilot $49.95


11. Fun Factory ‘Manta’ Toy

We had a lot of shit to say before about buying the best gay sex toys on Amazon for us to be putting two from Amazon in a row, didn’t we? Nonetheless, the Fun Factory ‘Manta’ Toy is one of the most unusually satisfying gay sex toys on the planet. It works by literally turning your penis into a vibrator, making it ideal for using while topping or receiving a BJ. It’s got a two-hour run time so you can have tons of fun for quite some time, is totally waterproof and can go right in your duffle bag if you want to travel with it.

Fun Factory 'Manta' Toy

Buy: Fun Factory ‘Manta’ Toy $139.98


12. TENGA Easy Beat EGG

It doesn’t get any more discreet than the Easy Beat EGG from TENGA. This tiny egg is filled with a masturbation sleeve and a little bit of lubricant for some quick, easy fun. When you’re done, save it again for another time or simply throw it away. Use this with other playmates and you’re letting loose together and see all the excitement thus $7 gay sex toy can bring for yourself.


Buy: TENGA Easy Beat EGG $7.00


13. Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring

Behold: the cock ring. A classic add-on to any exciting anal excursion you’ll have this summer. This baby cycles through nine different stages to give the ultimate gay sexual experience for both you and your partner. It goes right over your dick and sits at the shaft, so every pump will feel batshit crazy on your man’s rim. “Big O” is quite literally in the name, so we don’t have to tell you how this ends.

Big O Multi-Stage Vibrating Penis Ring


14. Donut Ball Stretcher Weight

We know what you’re thinking — another cock ring? No, baby, this is a ball stretcher. For those of you that like to get a little more frisky with the best gay sex toys, this Donut Ball Stretcher Weight is exactly what you need to droop those bad boys down a little more. This set comes with five different stretchers in sizes ranging from 20 mm to 80 mm to give a snug fit each time you put it on. Train your nuts to become heavier and heavier and see what it does to your sex drive.

Donut Ball Stretcher Weight


15. Adam & Eve Adam’s Extension

Alright, so you’re a top, right? But, you’re worried you might be a little too small to get the job done correctly. Maybe you’re a little self-conscious or your partner is expressing they need something a little larger. Don’t feel ashamed, for dudes like you, Adam’s Extension is here to save the day. This penis extension works to give smaller penises more girth and length to properly penetrate. Simply stick it on and go to town.

Adam's Extension


Not For Your Ass or Dick

So, you’ve made it all the way down here. We’re glad you’re so interested. Hopefully, you’re not here on your work computer or HR might have something to say.

When we’re talking “Not For Your Ass or Dick”, we’re looking at items like blindfolds, gags, games and bondage toys you might have interest in. Some of these really do make some of the best gay sex toys of all time, so don’t be afraid to try something new if it piques your interest.

16. Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Obey Me Blindfold

You can’t go wrong with a classic blindfold. Out of all of the best gay sex toys that don’t involve your ass or dick, this one is absolutely one of the tamest. Diminish one of either your or your partner’s most needed senses by placing this blindfold right over the eyes. Have the one that’s able to see do as they please to their sightless partner. It’s really one of the most exciting and easy ways to spice things up.

Adam & Eve Scarlet Couture Obey Me Blindfold


17. Wild Flower Quickie Cuffs

We know that some of you prefer metal cuffs and we get it — especially if the reason is to be chained to the bed. But, if you want some easy, pain-free and affordable restraints, look no further than these quickie cuffs from Wild Flower. They’re perfect for a “hands behind your back” situation and never damage or break skin. Take these on the go and receive 0 judgement or confusion from TSA, too.

Wild Flower Quickie Cuffs


18. Creative Conceptions Monogamy Adult Couples Board Game

Kind of a weird thing to do with a one-night-stand, but if you’re in a committed relationship, one of the best gay sex toys to consider when wanting to spice things up is more simple than you might think — just like this board game. We named the Creative Conceptions Monogamy board game the best sex game for couples because not only is it sexy, but really fun. The game involves three different levels of progressive play, namely intimate, passionate and steamy. There are also 50 fantasy cards that can be part of the game itself or used as a fun way to create a night to remember.

Creative Conceptions Monogamy Adult Couples Board Game

Buy: Creative Conceptions Monogamy Adult Couples Board Game $24.00


19. First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers

Oh, so y’all are into nipple play but you don’t know what the next level to bring it to is? Don’t worry. We got you. These First Time nipple teasers are perfect for couples looking to bring kissing and sucking to a brand new level. The nipple teasers are for beginners, so the chain is really lightweight and the clamps are covered in silicone so you don’t feel too much pain. Just a bit of a squeeze, is all.

First Time Fetish Nipple Teasers


20. UTIMI Sex Bondage BDSM Leather Bondage Set

This is the set all bondage lovers need. Period. At only $25, you’ll get 11 different items to use for some rowdier, rougher and tougher gay sex. Each set includes a pair of handcuffs, shackles, nipple clamps, a whip, a rope, a gag, plumage, a collar, a cross strap, a blindfold and last but not least, a paddle. A set like this makes for one of the best gay sex toys because you’ll simply never run out of ideas. Use them all in one night and fulfill all of your wildest fantasies or use them one at a time for fun neither partner is anticipating.

UTIMI 11-Piece Leather Bondage Set

Buy: UTIMI Sex Bondage BDSM Leather Bondage Set $23.29


21. Afus Puppy Mask

If you’re a member of the queer community, it shouldn’t come as a shock to see this mask here. In recent years, pup play has become increasingly more popular within the LGBTQIA+ community, especially with gay, bi and queer men. If it’s something you like to get into, more power to you. We don’t kink shame. And hey, this mask is sort of cute, too.

Afus Puppy Mask

Buy: Afus Puppy Mask $24.65


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