Mini Review: Monster Prom: XXL - A Silly, Knockabout Experience That’s Perfect For Parties

John Hughes' worst nightmare.

While going back to school is certainly not a desirable concept, it would certainly hold more appeal to find it populated by literal monsters, rather than the lousy figurative ones who made school life so difficult. Thankfully, Monster Prom: XXL offers a welcome opportunity to right those wrongs and ask a fantasy creature on a date to the biggest school event of the year.

Now, what we have here is a cross between a dating sim, a visual novel and a board game, with elements from all three intersecting nicely into something of strange, but haphazard brew. At the start, you're introduced to your potential dates, which range from an overtly regal mer-creature to a fiery-tempered demon to a jock werewolf. After this brief preamble, you'll undertake a short and silly personality test that determines both your stats and your ideal match. This is a little unfortunate, as it's possible to be matched with a character you're not really that interested in, but you can ignore this and pursue someone else if you want.

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