My Monthly Favourites – August 2022

I’m a bit late with My Monthly Favourites – August 2022 post this month.  It’s all been such a whirlwind with my son going back to his final year at secondary school and my daughter starting college.  Anyway, here is what I enjoyed during the month of August.

Go Organic Hamper

Go Organic September hamper

I was super lucky to be sent this gorgeous Go Organic hamper in preparation for Organic September.  It’s packed with all sorts of lovely goodies for me to try.  I’m sure I’ll write more about Organic September during the month, but choosing organic products, or making just a few switches, is so important for our planet.  I’m especially mindful of organic ingredients in beauty products and the dirty dozen in food.

Brighton Pride 2022Brighton Pride 2022

This was SO much fun!  We had a great weekend, stayed in Worthing and spent the Saturday exploring the Laines in Brighton and going to the photobooth shop, getting bubble tea and spending time with friends.  I can’t wait to go again next year.  Mr Lovely very much embraced the rainbow colours, as you can see but the flag on his back and the rainbow flag deely boppers on his head.

Magicube by Geomag

Magicube Geomag review

We gave Bohdi the Magicube Geomag and it’s gone down an absolute treat.  It’s his favourite and he spends ages just stacking the cubes and making little shapes.  It’s suitable for ages 1-5 and is made using 100% recycled plastic and 100% fully compatible with all other cubes within the Magicube platform.  Perfect!

Dr Oetker Pizza

Dr Oetker pizza

Lis had a friend round so I gave them pizzas for lunch.  Dr Oetker really do make delicious pizzas.

Experience the taste of an Italian Pizzeria at home with our delicious, thin & crispy pizzas.

They both thought they were delicious and it filled them up perfectly.

Topix – The Game Of Rapid RecallTopix board game review

We’re huge board game fans in our house so when I was offered the chance to try this Tropix game, we jumped at the chance.  It’s a game where you played against the clock, it’s a race to find as many examples as you can for your given topic; the catch is that all your answers must start with the same letter.  It’s a great game and we’ll look forward to playing it more during the colder months when we hibernate.

Pretty Special Beauty

Pretty Special Beauty

I LOVE this brand so much.  I’ve been using Pretty Special Beauty since discovering them during the pandemic (they make the most amazing hand sanitiser).  The owner is really lovely and the products are amazing.  I’m currently using the Restorative Night Balm every night at the moment and it smells so good.  I wake up and my skin still feels hydrated and lovely.

Somerset Lavender FarmSomerset Lavender Farm sugar

I’ve never been to a Lavender Farm before and I was so excited to visit the Somerset Lavender Farm.  As soon as I opened my car door, the smell of lavender wafted all around me.  It was incredible and MrLovely took some amazing photos of Lis drifting through the farm.  I also bought some lavender sugar and made some delicious biscuits with it.

lavender biscuits

Organic Coconut – Drink & Eat
organic coconut from Morrisons

This was an amazing discovery from Morrisons.  It’s completely plastic-free and comes with a little poking stick to go through the hole where you insert your little paper straw.  It’s a delicious drink and you can eat the coconut afterwards.  I love coconuts!

Lyre’s Non-Alcoholic Spirits

Lyres non alcoholic spirits

For years, I didn’t drink alcohol and I don’t do it very often now.  Lyre’s make non-alcoholic cocktails for people that want fun without the hangover.

Lyre’s exquisite range of lovingly crafted non-alcoholic spirits was borne from a quest to make the impossible possible – giving the freedom to drink your drink, your way.

They all come in beautiful glass bottles and they taste absolutely divine.  I’ll be sharing more about them on my Instagram so be sure to follow me there.

Fuss Free Shaving with FFS Beauty

FFS - Fuss free shaving review

Lis and I both have razors from FFS Beauty.  Her’s is rose gold and engraved and they’re so pretty.  FFS stands for fuss free shaving and is a subscription service where you purchase the razor and then choose how often you want blades shipped to you.  It’s all very convenient and really affordable.  You can then choose to save your blades and send them back to be recycled.  The razors and blades are really well made and don’t pull or nick your skin.  I’m a big fan.

Wild Deodorant

Wild deodorant

We’ve had Wild deodorants since the beginning of time (or rather, since they started up).  They are brilliant.  You can a metal case and can choose from a wide selection of inserts including bicarbonate of soda free deodorants, which are the ones I choose because my armpits can be sensitive little souls.  I have a discount code for them to share with you, actually.  For 20% off, use the code LULOVELY.

Introducing Cosmo

Cosmo newborn baby

At the end of August, our newest grandson was born a month early.  He’s called Cosmo and is absolutely adorable.  He weighed just 4lb10 when he was born.  Both mum and baby are doing incredibly well.

Thanks for reading My Monthly Favourites – August 2022.  I hope you enjoyed your month.

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