Noah’s Ark Unit

Last week I finished putting together my latest product to add into my Bible lessons tools, Noah’s ark unit. I finished uploading everything and then came over to my posts to link all that up to the Noah’s ark unit post and you know what I found? It didn’t exist, and that’s how I came to be writing this post today. Apparently, I’ve only written about individual Noah’s ark activities. Well that changes today!

What? You didn’t expect a Mulan reference. I totally get that, it was out of left field, but that’s what popped into my head.

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Noah's ark unit

Previously in our 2 year Bible curriculum: Noah’s Genealogy

Noah’s ark, why teach it?

Aside from the fact that it’s in just about every single children’s Bible. It gives us all sorts of interesting things.

It shows how serious God is about sin.

It gives us a small little hint of what the Messiah will be like as we see one man who rescues all of mankind.

It’s an example of God keeping His promises.

And there are all the cute animals.

Not that it’s a good reason to teach the story.

Noah's ark unit Genesis Old Testament Bible

Noah’s Ark Activities

Of course, you could buy all of the products separately, but I recommend buying the Noah’s Ark Bundle.

Let’s look at all the activities I’ve written about so far:

I will be adding to these posts as I write more ideas, but that’s what I have so far.

check out this Noah's ark unit

Noah’s ark resources

Over the years there have been a few things I enjoyed using as I taught our Noah’s ark lesson.

Genesis unit

Coming up next: Call of Abraham lesson

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