Outdoor Activities


Is it just me, or is staying inside all day long mind numbingly boring? If you’re feeling my pain, I’m sure your kids are feeling it even more! If you’re looking for something to keep them engaged while soaking up some vitamin D we’re here to help you with 25 ideas to get your kids outside. 



1. Pouring Station– This activity from Busy Toddler will keep your little ones busy for hours!

2. Coffee Can Ice Cream– If you love a little dessert after burning lots of calories, than this activity from Living Well Mom is perfect for you!

3. Play Garden– Dirt and childhood go hand in hand, especially with The Imagination Tree‘s beautiful play garden!

4. Puffy Sidewalk Paint– Upgrade from regular old sidewalk chalk to Midget Momma‘s puffy sidewalk paint!

5. Old School Outside Games– Need something low maintenance? Check out Living in Happy Place‘s outside games that require little to no extra equipment or planning!



6. Nature Color Wheel– Show off all the beautiful colors found in nature with Mother Natured ‘s color wheel scavenger hunt!

7. Dinosaur Ice Excavation– If you need something fun that will take up a long time, you have to try Parenting Chaos‘s dinosaur excavation!

8. Water Pistol Painting– Water guns are not only great for water fights, but also artistic expression, like in this activity from Messy Little Monster.

9. Spring Sun Catchers– These sun catchers from I Can Teach My Child are simple, yet beautiful.

10. Rainbow Clean Mud– You read that right. Clean. Mud. It’s like a miracle from above! Find the recipe from Frogs, Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails!



11. Tin Can Bowling– For those of you with a serious aversion to wearing borrowed, dirty shoes at the bowling alley (me!), you’ll love A Girl and A Glue Gun‘s tin can version of bowling!

12. Human Ring Toss Game– Kids will love this fun twist on the classic backyard game from Kid Friendly Things To Do!

13. DIY Bean Pole Teepee– Can you imagine the memories you’re little ones will make in this bean pole teepee from Artful Parent?

14. Bubble Snake Maker– With just a few simple materials, you can make these fun bubble snakes from Mum in the Mad House.

15. Sidewalk Chalk Board Game– Liven up the sidewalk with Views from a Step Stool‘s fun game!



16. Garden Sensory Bin-Help your children experience the joys of gardening with this sensory bin from Mess for Less.

17. Water Table Paint and Print– Put that water table to use with No Time for Flash Cards‘s fun activity.

18. Obstacle Course– If you’re looking for something to expend some of that extra energy, you’ll love this obstacle course idea from Playing and Learning Begins at Home!

19. Backyard Bug Hunt– What kid doesn’t love bugs? Find this fun scavenger hunt at The Littles and Me.

20. Nature Tree– Make a beautiful picture with all the treasures you find in nature! Check it out at Raising Hooks.



21. Tic Tac Toe Painted Rocks– Take tic tac toe outside with Run Wild My Child‘s tic tac toe rocks!

22. Garden Xylophone– Music and nature- a perfect combination! Try it out at The Moments At Home!

23. Backyard Mud Cafe– Make your child’s dreams come true with this mud cafe from The Crafting Chicks.

24. Monster Footprint Hop– This game from Raising Dragons is perfect for fun memories and burning a little energy.

25. Pinecone Mobiles– Is it just me, or do kids love collecting pinecones? Put them to use with Happy Hooligans‘s pinecone mobile!

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