Play In Relaxed Style With the Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise

Hendrick's Gaming Chaise

Created by the Hendrick’s tongue-in-cheek Department of Not-So-Convenient Technology (DNSCT, who also developed the sold-out Hendrick’s High Wheel), the Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise offers the discerning gamesperson the ultimate in comfort and old-world style for enjoying all manner of recreational pastimes.

Hendrick's Department of Not-So-Convenient Technology, developers of the Hendrick's Gaming Chaise

The relaxing chair has been specifically engineered by the keen minds of the DNSCT for leisurely unplugged play. It offers an ideal vantage from which to play board games, cards, read books, or simply enjoy a beverage with a group of friends.

Chaise Lounge? No! Chaise Longue!

The Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise takes its design from the sitting parlors of the Victorian era. The traditional chaise lounge—chaise longue to be precise (pronounced “shez long,” French for “long chair”)—was often used as a “fainting couch” for women overwhelmed by the combination of heavily layered dresses and tight corsets.

But this unusual hybrid between a traditional chair and a daybed (truly the El Camino of furniture) has evolved into the perfect seat from which to spend a relaxing late afternoon in the parlor, next to the pool, or on a cruise ship.

Steampunk Stylings

The Hendricks Gaming Chaise offers all the style and luxury of a Victorian chaise. It features a soft tufted cushion along the length of the seat, coupled with a straight, non-adjustable back, reminiscent of the Chesterfield style. The chaise’s back features a trio of pillows spanning the width, offering extra comfort while reclining. The whole chair is presented in a subtle shade of olive green, likely meant to evoke the essence of juniper or cucumber, two of the prime flavors in Hendrick’s Gin. In addition, the chair’s color scheme is offset with a series of understated, ivory-hued anti-racing stripes.

Detail of Hendrick's Gaming Chaise
Image courtesy of Hendrick’s Gin.

This high design, which boasts exactly zero adjustable supports, is accompanied by a handful of not-so-subtle steampunk-style accessories and features.

The most noticeable of these accents is an analog copper horn (inspired by the Bennet and Carter-Head copper stills used for distilling Hendrick’s Gin) that looks very much like a gramophone. It curls gracefully over the high back just at the edge of the sitter’s reach. The DNSCT boffins included this device to summon like-minded game players, humble drink servers, or simply celebrate a “jubilant moment.”

The Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise is, at its soul, a tool for refined gaming. As such, it’s equipped with a pair of scissor-accordion arms designed to hold playing cards or drinks.

Hendrick's Gaming Chaise: Drawer Detail
Detail of the (somewhat) concealed drawers along the side of the Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise. Image via Hendrick’s Gin.

Along the sides of the seat, the DNSCT has thoughtfully included a series of covert compartments, ideal for stashing board game boxes, game pieces, cocktail equipment, snacks, novels, or anything else that the sitter may need. When opened, these compartments reveal sturdy drawers that double as supportive tabletops. C’est magnifique!

The Anti-Video Gaming Chaise. Or is it?

The DNSCT claims that the Hendricks Gaming Chaise has been anti-optimized for computer gaming. They’ve devised it as an ideal lounging option for conversing with friends, enjoying cocktails, reading books (or maps), or just daydreaming.

However, even though the fine folks at DNSCT emphasize the non-electronic purposefulness of the Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise, with only slight modification—or just a few analog add-ons (like an adjacent table)—the chaise could easily support more modern pursuits.

It would be an excellent platform from which to partake in all manner of video gaming as well as any role-playing game through a virtual tabletop. It’s no worse for such tasks than other high-end gaming beds. The Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise would also be an excellent solution for long in-person role-playing sessions (thematically appropriate for Call of Cthulhu) or marathon games of Magic: The Gathering.

From the image presented, one of the retractable arms looks sturdy enough to hold a bottle of gin—so it could certainly hold a dice tower or a few energy drinks. If the retractable hands can hold playing cards, then a stack of character sheets would give them no trouble.

The Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise—a lounging device of some worldly sophistication—can be yours for the unusual price of $3988.08. The DNSCT has only built a limited number of these chaises, and once they’re sold out they’re gone forever. So if the Hendrick’s Gaming Chaise tickles your fancy, don’t snooze on it.

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