Pro Tips To Enhance Your Child’s At-Home Learning Experience

Growing coronavirus concerns have left parents with a lot of questions when it comes to the approaching school year. 

On the one hand, we haven’t heard much about how coronavirus affects children. However, on the other hand, many parents don’t feel safe putting their children back into the classroom.

Areas occupied by children already resemble petri dishes, and that’s why your little one seems to keep a cold when they first start out in school. So, what makes coronavirus concerns any different? 

Are children really capable of social distancing throughout an eight-hour day? 

Will they magically stop running and jumping all over each other? 

No. Most likely not. 

That’s why many school districts have already pressed the button on at-home virtual classes, instead of putting them at risk when there are so many unknown elements still involved.

Naturally, this leaves millions of parents with a ton of questions about how to work from home AND how to start homeschooling your kids. But don’t worry, we’ve compiled a list of helpful tips to keep you and your child on track!

Create a Dedicated Work Space 

Creating a dedicated space for homeschooling your kids will make it easier for them to work and encourages a healthy learning environment. When they enter this space, they know that it’s time to work and leave unnecessary electronics in other areas where they won’t be distracted. 

Since it’s unknown how long at-home learning will take place, it doesn’t hurt to invest in a comfortable desk for your child. You can also set up storage space for all of their supplies. 

Have you noticed that kids are more inclined to read if they have the right kind of environment? That’s why you consider a cozy reading nook for your child. It will quickly become one of their favorite spots in the house with a comfy beanbag, and whatever else you think will draw them deeper into the experience. 

They’re going to be occupying that space for quite a bit, so make sure it’s comfortable. Also, make sure it’s not in view of the television. This way, if others are watching it, it won’t distract them. 

Breaks From Electronics Are Essentials 

Besides being suddenly dumped into homeschooling your kids, we are all living a new reality that leaves us all in the house with nothing but our electronics, and maybe the occasional board game or craft we force ourselves and families into. 

We’re all probably guilty of this as of late—putting our children in front of the television to cook dinner or get some work done—but we need to be mindful of the amount of time they spend with electronics. 

Too much time in front of the television dulls the brain, changes the atomic structure of the brain, and decreases a child’s verbal abilities. 

Plan Weekly Projects

Even though you are homeschooling your kids, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t plan weekly projects that stimulate learning and creativity. 

You can create a monthly schedule with art projects, science projects, and any other activity that you think will pique their interest and spark interest. After all, you know your child better than anyone else!

You can even tie your projects into the weekly lessons you create, so it ties in together. 

Take Breaks 

It’s more beneficial than you think to take breaks when learning. You can use it as a reward system for them after they’ve finished a set amount of work, etc. 

It’s essential to get out and get some fresh air because we’re already embarking on a new type of learning journey that leaves us all in the house for more than we’re generally accustomed to––especially kids. 

Besides, while you’re outside taking a break, you can talk to them about the importance of vitamin D to our health and wellness!

Parents––Just Breathe––You’ve Got This

Some of you never thought you were ever going to have to have to tackle homeschooling your kids in our lifetimes. Still, we’ve got a dose of how things can rapidly change, and how we have to move with those changes to survive. 

And yes, it’s true, a lot more pressure rests on the parent’s shoulders with at-home-learning, but it can be done! You just have to have a plan, and most importantly, patience. 

When you’re trying to figure out what your “plan” will be, think of how you’d like to start the day, and how you’d like to break up blocks of time. This is understandably going to be an adjustment to get used to. Your patience will wear thin throughout the day. 

What’s a parent to do? What’s the best approach to maintaining patience you haven’t really had in the past? 

With this in mind, CBD hemp capsules are an excellent way to start the day because they’ll carry you through, allowing you to keep your cool. Additionally, many parents who have begun to integrate CBD into their day have noted how it makes them more “present” in parenting. 

Parting Thoughts 

This is a new experience for all of us, but the safety of our children is the most important thing to be concerned about!

So, you have to homeschool the kids via virtual learning; just know that many before you have done it successfully––you can too!

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