Ravensburger Game Minecraft: Heroes of the Village

Type: Games
Price: 39.99

Based on the world-famous video game phenomenon "Minecraft"! P layers work together to rebuild an abandoned village before the enemy Illager can attack them. To do this, they explore exciting biomes, collect important resources and fight against dangerous monsters. Only together, and with the support of their faithful animal companions, can they repel the Illager attack!

On their turn, each player can perform 2 actions. You explore biomes; mine resources by drawing blocks from the bag; fight monsters and rebuild the buildings in the village. Meanwhile, the enemy Illager are moving ever closer to the village. Players can fend off the attack by rolling the dice, working together, and using the supporting abilities of their animal companions. Each of the animals like the dog, fox or panda has its own special ability that helps the players, for example, in mining resources and fighting. All players win together if they manage to build three buildings before the Illagers reach the village. True Minecraft experience – Developed in collaboration with Mojang, Minecraft: Heroes of the Village is a great board game experience.

The game is for 2 to 4 players and can take 20-25 minutes. This game includes 1x Starting tile, 18x biomes, 4x game figures + animals, 2x dice, 25x wooden blocks, 1x bag, 1x set of instructions. 7+ years.