Ravensburger Game Snail’s Pace Race

Type: Games
Price: 29.99

Snail's Pace Race is a cooperative, non-competitive game. Players move six colourful snail game pieces along the path of the game board, each starting from their matching coloured leaf. All snails race even if there aren't an equal number of players. Players roll the dice to move the snails forward along their colour path until they reach the last spot in their colour.

Snail's Pace Race introduces children to basic board game rules such as turn-taking, patience, dice-rolling and piece movement. Players also get to practice their counting, color-matching, memory, and social skills.

Contents:  6 Wooden Snails, 2 Coloured Dice, 1 Playing Board, Instructions.

For 2 to 6 players. 3+ years.