Re-Roll: This Week’s Tabletop Game News for the Week Ending August 6, 2021

Here is the board game (and board game-related!) news that caught our attention for the week ending August 6, 2021.

Gaming News

  • Modiphius announced this week the upcoming release of Spectre. The game “lets players take on the role of one of the many iconic villains from the James Bond film franchise, competing with each other to become SPECTRE’s Number One.” It is due out in the spring of 2022. Also this week, the company released a digital edition of the Fallout: The Rollplaying Game core rulebook, which can be purchased and downloaded from its website.
  • Cards Against Humanity LLC, the maker of the eponymous and controversial game of the same name, is exploring a possible sale. The company had a tumultuous past year, with co-founder Max Temkin stepping down in June 2020 over allegations that he created a toxic work environment (although Temkin is still an owner, and stands to make a considerable amount of money on the sale). The company is reportedly seeking a $500 million valuation, although no final decision on selling has been made.
  • Funko Games is taking preorders for several collector’s editions of their new Disney-themed games aimed at younger players. Mickey and the Beanstalk Collector’s Edition features fully painted miniatures, and the It’s a Small World Game Collector’s Edition comes in a gold-colored tin with an heirloom embossed cover. (Note: As an Amazon affiliate, I earn on qualifying purchases.)
  • Renegade has announced the upcoming release of G.I. Joe Deckbuilding Game. The fully cooperative game has players creating teams of Joes to stop the evil Cobra from taking over the world.
  • Z-Man is undergoing some changes at the top. The company’s former president, Sophie Gravel, is rejoining the publisher as Head of Studio. Gravel had left Z-Man after its acquisition of Asmodee to found Plan B Games, which was itself acquired by the giant company earlier this year. Gravel replaces Steve Kimball, who is becoming Asmodee’s director of special projects.
  • Boonlake, the next game by Great Western Trail designer Alexander Pfister, is set to be released by Capstone Games this October and is now available for preorder. Set in the future, the civilization-building game lets players “explore the landscapes, build houses and settlements, raise cattle, produce raw materials, and develop your infrastructure.”
  • If you’ve ever thought the only thing missing from the Mario franchise was the ability to move its famous characters around on a board with a giant spinner, you’ll be happy to hear that Hasbro has released The Game of Life: Super Mario Edition, available exclusively at Target. Instead of trying to get a job, pay taxes, and have kids, players in this version move around the board to collect coins, compete in mini games, and gather companions.
  • Publisher Tasty Minstrel Games has laid off everyone except the owner, is refunding backers of its latest Kickstarter, and will cease all design and development for at least 2-3 years while it attempts to dig itself out from a “virtual bankruptcy”.
  • Dune: Betrayal is another title expanding on the classic franchise thanks to this fall’s movie. Published by Gale Force Nine and designed by The Resistance and Avalon creator Don Eskridge, the social deduction game features artwork from the movie and is due out in October.
  • Ares is going to release Last Friday Revised Edition in September. The game, based non-specifically on ’80s horror slasher films, features hidden movement and social deduction, while the new edition has “subtle but important changes to the rules enhance the game balance, giving to the Maniac more opportunities than ever to spread terror in Camp Apache! This revised edition also features new cover art.”
  • Coming soon to preorder is Stonemaier’s Rolling Realms, a roll-and-write designed by Jamie Stegmaier “inspired by all other Stonemaier games.”
  • IDW is going public. Trading under the ticker “IDW,” the company is offering Class B stock at $3.60 in its initial offering.

GeekDad Reviews

Here’s what we reviewed this week:

What We’re Playing

Finally, here’s what the GeekDads played this week:

  • Jonathan Liu played Atheneum: Mystic Library, Ecos: First Continent, The Key: Murder at the Oakdale Club, The Key: Sabotage at Lucky Llama Land, The Little Flower Shop Dice Game, The 7th Continent, and Verdant.
  • Michael Knight played Almanac: the Crystal Peaks, Dragonbound: Lords of Vaala, Turbo Sleuth, and Summoner Wars.
  • Michael Pistiolas played Marvel Champions, Race to the Treasure, Unicorn Glitterluck: A Party for Rosalie, Barnyard Bunch, 5er Finden, and Can’t Stop..
  • I played The Independence Incident and Taco Bell Party Pack Card Game, our featured image this week.

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