Self-Isolation Day #48

Thursday, Self-Isolation Day #48

We request continued prayers for my husband's mother D. She has been sick with COVID-19 for about five weeks (now negative, but still sick), alone in the hospital for a month, and is now on her second stretch of being on a ventilator in order to give her lungs support for longer while they heal.

I reorganized my Morning Basket books today . . . organizing always feels good.

We started coloring some beautiful saint drawings, which we will work on for some time.

Our day involved homeschool, music, recess outdoors, two siblings writing lengthy stories this week (numerous chapters!), trying a new dinner recipe, baking cookies, and playing a board game. We are blessed.

Recess in beautiful weather

Briefly we held out hope that since South Carolina, ten minutes away, is opening up its state, all our boys could go get haircuts. However, it turns out that barbers are not going to be allowed to operate until Phase II or III, so that could easily be a month away. Therefore, I got out my hair-cutting kit tonight and trimmed the four boys.

Bonus Reading for Posterity: