Tabletop-inspired RPG sequel For the King 2 getting a closed beta next week

For the King 2 - the sequel to IronOak Games' wonderful tabletop-RPG-meets-digital-board-game adventure - is getting a closed beta next week, and registration is now open.

IronOak's follow-up - which pits players against the kingdom of Fahrul's tyrannical queen 20 years after the end of the first game - is, from what's been shown so far, less a bold new direction for the series and more a deepening of the original's already hugely entertaining core.

That means another light-hearted, optionally co-operative rogue-like adventure blending familiar RPG staples - dungeon crawling, questing, turn-based exploration and combat, loot acquisition, and so on - with some neat story generation through randomised narrative events.

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