Telephone With Doodles? Yes. It’s Called Telestrations, and It’s the Hilarious Game You Need

You remember Telephone — the game you’d play in middle school where you’d try to decipher what your friend told you, pass it along and by the end the message had totally changed?

Well, this is that, but with pictures — adding a whole new layer of artistic fun. Are you a terrible artist? Good, that makes this game way more fun.

Telestrations Board Game Telestrations board game

Everyone in your group starts by receiving a word, drawing it on their dry-erase sketchbook and then passing it along to the next player. That player tries to decipher the image, writes in words what they sees and then passes it along to the next person who draws it, and so on. You repeat this process until everyone has done some work on each person’s sketchbook, and you receive yours again after it has traveled around the circle.

Then, it’s time for the big reveal. This is when the hilarity ensues — whatever your message started as, we can pretty much guarantee it won’t finish that way. That’s the fun part!

This game is fun for up to eight people aged 12 and older, making it perfect for dinner parties, birthday parties, game nights and as a group icebreaker.

The game box comes with eight erasable books, eight dry-erase markers and eight clean-up cloths.

They also stock you with over 1,700 words to choose from to get the game started, and the playing time ranges from 30-60 minutes depending on the size of your group.

This game has received numerous accolades including the Golden Geek Winner from Board Game Geek and a spot on the 10 Best Games list from Dr. Toy. It’s also got a 5-star rating on Amazon with over 3,700 reviews.

Buy: USAOPOLY Telestrations Board Game $29.00