Thank you. A pregnancy announcement (not me;). Biggest winter pet peeve.

(bra, shorts, shoes ((inside)), jacket, leggings, shoes ((outside))

Thank you for your comments yesterday. They meant a lot. I was lucky enough to be able to go to therapy and work with my therapist on what happened, and something that a reader said is helping Brooke and me.–> “I remember something my therapist told me years ago, whenever I would get ‘stuck’ replaying a stressful or scary situation. She said it’s normal to replay the tape, but make sure you play it all the way through. To the part where everything is ok, the part where everyone is safe. Don’t get stuck in the bad part.”  Brooke also read your sweet comments yesterday too; thank you.

It felt good to be overheating again at the indoor track and run out my feelings. It also felt good not to be cautious about each and every step and to focus on pushing off the ground and my form.

We had a ladder workout and decided to do it inside to avoid the craziness outside.

We did do a 5-mile w/u outside first that involved some obstacles.

Stay away from trees in Utah right now. We had to climb under/over 7 of them to get through our path.

I’ve been dying to tell you this, and it is finally time. My training partner is pregnant! Lauren is already in her second trimester and still paced me for yesterday’s workout.  She is incredible.

The workout–> 400, 800, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 (with half recovery jogs after each one ((i.e. 800m jog after the 1600m interval)). This track is five times around for a mile, and my Garmin doesn’t get correct readings inside here, so I just used it to lap at each lap to keep track of distance… not sure about paces, but I put in a solid effort trying to keep up with Lauren. The track/short intervals are my weakness, and I was so thankful to have people to chase after.

Twelve miles total for the day.

Two huge benefits of the BYU indoor track (besides no ice)= being able to spy on the BYU teams and see what stretches and activation moves they do.
And the drinking fountains every ten steps.

I should have used this indoor track for heat training before St. George… it is so hot and dry there, but the water at the drinking fountains is perfectly cold.
I decided to check Brooke out during lunch to go to lunch. We split the grilled cheese waffle and dessert waffle from Waffle Love. She chose the spot, and I loved her choice.
Skye’s ear infection is getting better, but she still wasn’t feeling great yesterday. She requested Tara’s blueberry muffins, so I made those.
And Beck ‘helped’ with dinner while Andrew was working on school.
I love that they are at the age that they like to play cards with us.

Short or long intervals? What do you prefer?

Any winter pet peeves?

-I have to put this out there… When people just scrape off a tiny bit of their car’s front window and not every window entirely when there is snow and ice on them. 

Do you have an indoor track near you?

Cards, board game or puzzle (or none)?  What do you prefer?

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