The Deep State Octopus

Understand that what you are now reading is as complete as i have seen.  Understand also that it is been disassembled and destroyed.  Conspiracy control was always possible through the pedophiles.  Money was never good enough.

The spiritual aspects are shocking and must also be destroyed and prevented from ever again emerging.  I wonder if that is possible.  There is obviously a deep seated impulse driving it.

This is an attempted resurection of the Baal religion that we thought extinct thousands of years ago.

I am beginnning to understand why the white works in the shadows, whether they wish it or not.

The Deep State Octopus 

The reason why Switzerland is the Deep State’s Head Quarters 
The 13 Archon Bloodline Families that run Planet Earth 
The Greatest Fraud in Human History 

Global Power structure

The Deep State cabal with their cronies are the top 1 percent of all people who own more than half of the world’s wealth. They are an extremely powerful network of people that controls nearly everything around us. People won’t read about it in the mainstream media because they are also controlled by these very same people. Politicians won’t talk about it publicly as they too are complicit. That would be like a mobster discussing murder and robbery on the TV-news. Many people maintain that the Deep State is hidden, however it is hidden in plain sight. For those willing to wake up and take notice, it is unconcealed and for all to be seen.

The Deep State is the source of all that is negative on planet Earth. To survive the coming rough times, it’s essential to understand what it is all about. The Deep State is organised of top-echelon employees of over a dozen powerful agencies, like the CIA, FBI, NSA, IMF, CFR, BIS, top generals, admirals, and other military operatives, long-term congressmen and senators, directors of important supervisory agencies and CEO’s of most of the big multinationals, of which the majority shareholder ownership is in the hands of Deep State cronies. Whereas, all agencies are what could be called the running dogs.

The Deep State’s satanic control is the result of a very well organised long-term conspiracy with the purpose to establish the New World Order, based on the Luciferian revolution against God and Nature.

The real top of the pyramid consists of the Luciferian Pharaonic rulers of Octogon seated in Switzerland, which appears to be the core of the Global octopus of ruling elites with their tentacles reaching into every niche of “our” society. These are the Pharaonic Templar Bankers of Switzerland with their 5th Column Masonic minions. These form the ruling Oligarchy around the world. The Ruling Pharaohs, originate from Lucifer’s occult mystery religions, that came out of Babylon and Egypt. They now are identified as the Global Elite or Deep State-cabal, who see us as their slaves and property, to do with as they please.

At the top of the pyramid hierarchy sit the Swiss OCTOGON Templars, followed by the 2nd layer consisting of George Soros and the Nazis. Actually, the Nazis are an integrated part of the Octogon, and somewhat belong to the top too.

According to the highly recommended Documentary “The Pharaoh Show”. The Crusaders’ last stronghold of the Templars fell on May 18th 1291, and only 2 and a half months later Switzerland was founded on August 1st 1291. According to the documentary, the Templar’s treasure was hidden in Switzerland, with which the Swiss banks were founded. The Freemasons came out of the Templars. “The Pharaohs are still here and are ruling the world through secret societies, as is said, “the Pharaoh and his army disappeared into the sea”. In ancient Egypt, the pharaoh was the most powerful person. The pharaoh was the political and religious leader of the Egyptian people, holding the titles: ‘Lord of the Two Lands’ and ‘High Priest of Every Temple’.

Their Head Quarter (HQ) is in Switzerland 6.000 metres below the surface of Lake Geneva has one of their entries in the CERN-complex. Their name Octogon is a highly secretive Nazi organisation, founded at the end of WW2 to acquiring all of its fortune from looted Nazi Gold and assets deposited into Switzerland, in order to use it for future wars and illegal actions.

CERN is the largest and most advanced nuclear and physic particles laboratory in the world. The security is most severe at this top-secret facility on Earth. So, it’s the perfect place to hide the entrance to the only real Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Until recently this location of their HQ has remained a mystery.

The reason why Switzerland is the Deep State Head Quarters

These are the ten reasons why Switzerland became the Deep State’s HQ; 1. Switzerland is located in central Europe. 2. It is the only neutral nation on Earth 3. It is the only sovereign nation on Earth. 4. It is home to Onyx Interception Systems.
 5. Switzerland is home to Holy See, i.e. the Holy See means C-I-A. 6. Switzerland is home to the Bank for International Settlements(BIS). 7. The names for Switzerland are i.e., CH and Suisse that equates to CIA and SS. 8. Swiss National Day is the same date as the anniversary of the Temple of Spies.
 9. Switzerland is intimately tied to dictators as; e.g., Hitler, Mussolini, Jong-Un, etc.
10. Switzerland was originally founded by the Knights Templar and the Order of Saint John.

In short; CERN serves as the secret entrance to CIA Headquarters which is located in the underwater Alpine canyons of Lake Geneva, and is only accessible via underground trains from CERN, and via submarines travelling through a 275 kilometre (170 mile) subterranean tunnel, that evidently begins in Genoa, Italy, and ends in Lake Geneva.

Further is interesting; the logo of CERN contains the number “666” which is indicative of “The Beast”, a Biblical euphemism for the Devil or Anti-Christ. It also is the acronym for “Rome”, as it can be construed that the number “666” equates to the Roman Empire. The Roman Empire still exists, and is now located in Greenland, it runs the underworld via Switzerland that not so coincidentally is the real HQ to the CIA.

Additionally, is known that Switzerland is responsible for managing and maintaining the Babylon System in the underworld. Metaphorically speaking, Switzerland is the sieve of the underworld for it removes unwanted people and ideas, especially in respect to the secret home of the CIA and the fact that the Roman Empire is alive and well in Greenland.

The Swiss Federal Institute (SFI) in Zurich released a study entitled “The Network of Global Corporate Control” that proves a small consortium of corporations – mainly banks – run the world. A mere 147 corporations which form a “super entity” have control over 40% of the world’s wealth; which is the real economy. These mega-corporations are at the centre of the global economy.

The 13 Archon Bloodline Families that run Planet Earth

The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Warburgs, and Schiffs are a part of the main actors of in total 13-Archon bloodline families. They own the private U.S. Federal Reserve and almost all other Central Banks in the World, in which The Bank of England and the German Deutsche Bank serve with money laundering to the Octogon Bank of International Settlement – BIS in Basel Switzerland.

The Bilderberg group, the Counsel of Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, form an integral part of the banking cartel which completely is a Scam.

The Bilderberg group and the CFR are charged with the implementation of the New World Order – agenda being their command over population control, vaccinations, Chemtrails spraying, food, water and air poisoning, and the running of the drug cartels.

All together these groups encompass the global swamp that is now rapidly being drained by the TRUMP – Team. With the help of The Earth Alliance, the Patriots and every awakened citizen. – Be aware, all countries are incorporated in Companies by the cabal and subsequently being bankrupted by the banking cartel, that also includes the thirteen archon bloodline families.

Recently, their wealth and that of all banking families has been seized by the militia of the people of planet Earth, under the instruction of the 188 members of the board of governors of the World Bank, and the Global Overseer mandate trustee of the Global Debt Facility assigned by all leaders to lead the new global freedom movement, guided along by the Power Transition Rule.

The Greatest Fraud in Human History

In order to grasp the enormity of the perpetuated crimes and fraud all people have been subjected to, it is important to note that most of it has been accomplished through the corporate banks and government services corporations, fraudulently presented to the people as being legalised banking institutions and so called ‘elected governments’, which, instead of serving the people, are simply hired contractors of the British Crown in the City of London.

All these corporations are owned by foreign “Bloodline” families. They are private corporations, most of them franchisees of the privately owned Bank of London, located in the City of London, which is a private Khazarian Mafia nation-state with its own ambassadors and police force. The City of London is not part of the UK and doesn’t pay taxes. The Rothschild Banking family ran covert malpractices to extract illegally enormous amounts of money, with which they bought the UK. They have since expanded their private central banking kingdom and have become the functional head of the Khazarian Mafia, the World’s leading Organised Crime Syndicate. It is known that the Rothschild private central banking system is international, and functions like an octopus with many tentacles. The only reason people pay taxes, is because the Criminal Rothschild Banksters have transformed each country into their own police state, with their “bought” judicial systems, rendering them the ability to use their unbridled power of the boot in your face, with threatened imprisonment to enforce compliance.

It is of the highest priority to root out these criminals and imposters responsible for all of today’s misère in the world. These banks and governments are all foreign Khazarian controlled corporations, contractors, and agencies that are responsible for the mismanagement of a greater part of the world.

An inconceivable high-level of fraud has engulfed the world over the past couple of hundred years, in particular perpetrated by the criminal banks and governmental services corporations, with their extended tentacles to the farthest corners of the globe. This vast criminality cannot be eradicated by the efforts of one, or even thirty nations, as these crimes have been replicated in almost all countries throughout the world, with the same results.

This colossal affair must be addressed as a global issue and resolved in favour of the people, because the people have not authorised, nor benefited from these criminal activities caused by these Central Banksters and their corporate affiliates. All people have been victimised throughout the world through these wrongdoings and fiduciary trust fraud on an inconceivable scale.

The Illuminati use paedophilia to blackmail and control their puppet- members, the revelation of which has rendered the masses in denial. As lies are more credible than the truth. In the meantime, corruption and sexual abuse are abounding and no one mentions the involvement of the Jesuits and the Freemasonry.

The legal system and police are comprised, and fully complicit in subversion of civilisation. The masses suffer from the Stockholm syndrome, and hope the psychopaths won’t harm them if they keep their heads down and play along. Fully devoted in their enslavement, people are too corruptible, cowardly or dumb to face reality, as the slaves are taught daily to love their slavery!

Think about; The acts being committed by Deep State cronies against the Western world at large, these are acts of treason during a time of declared war – implemented after 9/11 by the Bush jr. administration. Therefore, it would be no coincidence that President Trump, as Commander-In-Chief, has deliberately funded the Pentagon with its most gigantic budgets ever. Because, the Pentagon has agreed to run the military arrests of deep state traitors, under Trump’s direction, that now secretly is being executed.

The global financial market correction could continue during the coming weeks, as more GESARA-related changes are made around the world. – All people should now be waking up to the realisation that they are mind-controlled by the establishment. The centuries-long tyrannical regime is steadfastly reaching its end, and must be destroyed for once and ever. No more lies and manipulations. All markets will be freed, all aspects of lives are being freed from oppression and suppression. People will take responsibility for their own lives and decide for themselves.

There is no overpopulation, no global warming, there is enough food for everyone. It was President John F. Kennedy in the early 1960s who already warned us about our hidden rulers. He was a most honourable and courageous statesman. It’s time to wake up and stand up, as brothers and sisters together.

All future generations and their children must be informed so that similar criminal evils do not happen to them again. Only continued civil vigilance can prevent the return of these criminal money thieves. The easiest way to achieve this is to purchase, read, and study the book The Great Awakening, written specifically for this purpose. Being a guarantee for ourselves and future generations continuous well-being, happiness, health and joy, this book should not be missing in any bookcase.


In 2012, after the second term election of Barack Obama, three patriots formed a secret group of ten very rich and powerful billionaires loyal to the flag and constitution of America. The group of ten named themselves “Q”. They were worried about losing America to the Deep State (Globalists). The patriots were all personally acquainted with members of the Deep State and obtained first-hand knowledge on their plans.The most crucial part of the overall plan was to put a trustworthy president into office and subsequently, the right people into positions in the government, which would ultimately result in ‘We, the People’ being able to take America back from the Globalists.Supported by their powerful, secret alliance, they reached out to trusted associates, motivated by the same reason as to why the Deep State had always handpicked their Presidents; the assurance of a smooth implementation of their plans. Henceforth, they decided to beat the Deep State at their own election game, without letting them know they too were in the same game.Although the Q-group didn’t reach unanimity they selected Donald Trump by 6 to 4. Trump was only informed about the basic plan, without too many details, and he was told that a secret, powerful group would be behind him, supporting and guiding him all the way. Trump was informed about the ten goals of the plan, to make America great again. Trump was not told anything about the Q-team itself. He was only told that a small secret group of rich and powerful people would secretly cooperate with him. Even the messengers that Q sends to Trump do not have any direct contact with Q. Every piece of information is communicated through a middle man. The Q management team consists of the ten creators, all designated by “Q”. They are “The circle”. They recruited ten more trusted associates who together form; “The inner circle”. These members hold positions in the White House and in Trump’s administration. They are all 100% loyal to the constitution, like Trump, and they fully support his endeavor regarding this monumental undertaking. None of these players are familiar with any details of the Q-circle plans, nor do they even know who they are. They only know that there is a powerful, anonymous force behind the President and they are simply the ones that are executing the given instructions, supported by their personal insight and acquired knowledge of the status quo. None of the above team-members know anything about the Q-circle, although some of them were appointed on the instruction of Q. That explains why certain Trump appointees seem controversial to outsiders.This interesting story is true history in real time. As far as was possible, it has been accurately and comprehensively researched, checked and elucidated with the information and Intel available at this moment in time. Share this information with everyone who is awake within your circle. In order to better understand and learn what is truly going on in our world today,THE GREAT AWAKENING series (PART 1 and PART 2) are good guides, with countless links for in-depth individual research. This book has been purposely written for this endeavor, while it may also prove to be very helpful for later cross-references. Both books cover a multitude of facets in today’s corrupt world, and offer a vast array of solutions for the necessary changes that are going to be needed and implemented.