The Everygirl’s 2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide

You know what they say: a girl’s first love is her father. Cheesy, sure, but dads teach us how to ride a bike, drive a car, and change a lightbulb. They were our dates to father-daughter dances and coached our soccer teams. Your dad might even be the person you panic-call if your laptop shuts down or when just about any household appliance is broken. Whether it’s your dad, your children’s dad, or a father figure in your life, Father’s Day is the time to let the men in our lives know how much we love them. 

But is it just my dad, or are men impossible to buy for? What do you buy for the man who already has enough shaving kits to last him for years and will always use the same leather wallet, no matter how many new ones you get him? Not to worry, Everygirls. We’ve rounded up the best gifts to give your Everydad (see what I did there?) that are anything but basic. Shop our picks below that the fathers in your life will love as much as a good dad joke:



Linen Standard Fit Shirt

It's like the classic button-up your dad wears everywhere got a chic upgrade in a breathable and summery fabric. (Bonus: it looks even better when it's not ironed, so the cool dads in your life will love skipping the ironing board). 13 colors available.

Mark Godfrey, Zoé Whitley, Linda Goode Bryant, Susan E. Cahan, David Driskell, Edmund Gaither, Jae Jarrell, Wadsworth Jarrell, and Samella Lewis

Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power

For the art history fan in your life, "Soul of a Nation" examines a crucial period in American art history, bringing to light previously neglected histories of 20th-century black artists. Not only are the photos absolutely gorgeous (good for any coffee table or book shelf!), but it's a powerful portrayal of a turning point in history.

Gentlemen's Hardware

Anatomy of a Bike Kit

For the dad that's an avid bike rider, this handy tool kit comes with all the tools that cyclists need to gear up for their next ride. It's like that old dusty bike tool kit your dad keeps in the garage, except classier and more convenient.

Jones Bar-B-Q

Sweet and Tangy BBQ Sauce

So he's the master of the grill and his ribs are famous around town? Gift the ultimate grill king the best BBQ sauce he'll ever have. The Jones family has made their signature sauce from scratch for decades, AKA it's the best of the best.


Hot & Cold Brew Bottle

If your dad drinks coffee like water and spends more time at Starbucks than at the office, his own brew bottle makes the perfect gift. Especially if he's always on the go, this handy glass bottle makes it easier to brew hot or cold coffee anytime, anywhere. (3 colors available.)


Hopper Flip Soft Cooler

If your dad always loves to have a "cold one" on hand, this is the perfect gift for him. This isn't your typical cooler: it will keep items ice-cold even on the hottest summer days, while staying dry on the outside using NoSweat technology. Thanks to you, he'll be the coolest dad at the barbecue! (4 colors available.)


Aviation American Gin 3-Piece Candy Box

Satisfy his sweet tooth with candy he won't have to sneak from the kid's stash. This trio of luxe candies are as classy as they are delicious. Sugarfina's collab with Aviation American Gin has brought us fancy treats like Gin Fizz Bears and Gimlet Gummies that will add a sweet element to happy hour.


The Complete Shave Kit

Complete with a safety razor, brush, 20 blades, priming oil, shaving cream, and restorative balm, this comprehensive kit is quite literally everything he'll need for the closest, most soothing shave. We love this brand because it's good for coarse/curly hair, prevents razor bumps, and is totally non-toxic. Win, win, win!


Personalized Whiskey Decanter

Because what man wouldn't want a personalized whiskey decanter to pull out at dinner parties? Show an extra level of thoughtfulness by personalizing an old-school decanter that will look just as good on his bar cart as it will half-empty after cocktail hour.


Wi-Fi Touchscreen Digital Photo Frame

Is it just my dad, or does technology automatically make everything cooler? Your dad can show off his favorite pics from a family vacation or your college graduation with this touchscreen digital frame that lets you personalize slideshows. PS, it can even play background music, tell you the weather, and has a calendar. Basically, your dad will never use another picture frame again.


Modern Snap Backpack

Because what modern man wouldn't want a practical and sleek backpack for camping, traveling, or to replace a brief case? It features a padded interior laptop compartment and pockets for easy access to a water bottle, sunglasses, or his iPhone. (3 colors available.)


Putting Mat for Indoor Golf

The golfer in your life probably wants to work on his short game year-round, and now he can with this nifty gift. He'll love practicing his putting green skills at the office or playing putt putt from the comfort of his own at home.


Luxurious Silk Travel Polo

You know that scarf you never want to travel without because it's just so comfy? This is like that, except it's a shirt your dad will never want to take it off. He deserves a little extra luxury, right!?

Gray Malin


For the dad who loves to travel, consider a beautiful coffee table book with photographs from his favorite place or the city he's always wanted to visit. It will look amazing on the coffee table or in his office, and will immediately transport him whenever he flips through the pages.


Black Truffle Infused Hot Sauce

If your dad's like mine and wants to put hot sauce on everything (and I mean everything), gift him a gourmet version of his go-to. This high-quality hot sauce contains black truffle, organic agave nectar, and olive oil infused with black truffle essence (fancy right!?) for the most delicious hot sauce he'll ever have. Bonus: it's currently 20% off!


Cooling Butter

This soothing balm combines arnica (a healing herb) with lavender, peppermint, and moisturizing shea butter, making it the perfect self-care tool for the workout buff in your life (or the dad with a bad back!).


Sleep Aid Device

This genius and high-tech sleep aid device contains a metronome with a light system that teaches the body to fall asleep naturally. It's the perfect self-care technology that the dads in your life may not spend money on themselves, but will absolutely benefit from.


Mug & Warmer Set

If your dad is constantly reheating his coffee (aren't we all?), this sleek set is the answer to a cold cup of joe. The mug comes with a charger that heats up the bottom, meaning your coffee will always be the perfect temperature. (7 colors available.)


'47 Vintage New York Yankees Cap

For the classy sports fan in your life, give him a gift he'll actually wear. This old school version of his go-to baseball cap will look as stylish with sunglasses and a classic tee as it will look good at a baseball game.

Hamilton & Hirsheimer

Canal House Cooks Every Day

If your dad swears he's going to sign up for "Top Chef" (or is just brushing up on his waffle and omelet-making skills), a comprehensive cookbook makes the perfect present. The delicious, easy-to-prepare recipes from this book celebrate the everyday practice of simple cooking and the enjoyment of eating: AKA two things your dad loves.

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A Summer Shop

Double-Sided Travel Game-Bag Set

Is your dad more of a Checkers player or a fan of Backgammon? Either way, this convenient game bag contains everything he'll need to keep him entertained for hours–perfect for the dad who's a kid at heart or needs something fun to do while he's traveling.


Scented Candle

I know what you're thinking... a candle is the last thing your dad would care about, right? Wrong! As soon as he gets a whiff of this luxe natural candle with subtle notes of leather, champa, and smoke, it's the perfect masculine scent he'll want to burn constantly.

Verve Culture

Citrus Juicer

A citrus juicer is one of those things you would never think to buy for yourself, but it's incredibly useful, right? Just think of all the orange juice you could make, or the easy access you'd have to lemon and lime juice for all your favorite recipes (or grapefruit juice for your favorite cocktails!).


Vitamin C Serum

If your dad needs a little beauty help (what dad doesn't?), I found a genius solution for the man whose self-care routine looks like an all-in-one body wash/conditioner/shampoo/face wash. The sleek brand "Hims" creates simplified skincare and haircare specifically for men, AKA it's the perfect start to get the men in your life invested in their self-care game.

The North Face

Dopp Kit

Speaking of self-care, who couldn't use a chic and minimalist dopp kit for easy access to razors, shaving cream, toothbrushes, and other personal hygiene items? This one not only looks cool, but it contains internal pockets for easy organization.


Voyager Turntable

For the dad that could've been a rockstar, get him a classic turntable that will make him nostalgic while he pulls out his old Led Zeppelin albums. Just be sure to get the rest of the family some earplugs, as he will not want to keep the volume down. (2 colors available.)

Madeline Puckette and Justin Hammack

Wine Folly: The Master Guide

This comprehensive guide became a sensation for its inventive, easy-to-understand approach to learning about wine. Complete with detailed maps of wine regions, an expanded food and wine pairing section, and essential tips to become an expert, it contains literally everything the wine-lover in your life would ever need to know.


Dapper Starter Kit

The classiest dads deserve the classiest gifts, AKA this "dapper starter kit" that looks as good as it sounds. It includes two silk bow ties, a pocket square, lapel pin, and signature cufflinks, so it's the perfect gift for a dad who has a fancy wedding or big event coming up.

Uncommon Goods


Because what dad wouldn't want a beer-friendly take on a classic board game? Take turns rolling the dice and moving your bottle cap around the board to complete challenges. Your dad is going to love whipping this out at his next backyard barbecue.


Wireless Charger

Isn't it just too much to keep all your devices charged (don't even get me started on tangled cords)? This sleek wireless charging station is the perfect accessory for a nightstand, desk, or entryway table that'll ensure your devices are always at full charge. (2 colors available.)


Relief Cream

As this is an Everygirl-husband favorite, we would be remiss to not include it in our Father's Day Gift Guide. This miracle cream seriously soothes aches, pains, and cramps, making it a perfect gift since the dad in your life deserves to take good care of himself (and get immediate relief for a bad back). Use code "theeverygirl" for 20% off your first order!

Vikki Tobak

Contact High: A Visual History of Hip-Hop

For all the cool dads in your life, "Contact High" traces a timeline of more than 40 years of hip-hop culture through contact sheets. Thanks to this gorgeous collection of work, we get a rare glimpse into the creative process of the history of hip-hop.


Badminton Set

For the dad who's always a lot of fun, think outside the box and get him a badminton set he'll love playing with all summer long. After all, the best gift you could give him is something fun that the whole family will love playing together, right?

Portland Soda Works

Set of 2 Syrups for Cocktails

For the dad that doubles as an amateur bartender, elevate his cocktail game and overall bar aesthetic with handcrafted, all-natural syrups with vintage apothecary labels. (6 flavor pairings available.)

Evan Alexander Fine Grooming

Wooden Beard Pick

If the dads in your life take pride in their facial hair game, update their beard-care with a 100 percent red sandalwood pick that works to detangle and reduce split ends.


Barbecue Apron

Does this gift idea even need an explanation? If your dad stans "The Godfather" and whips up a mean hot dog, you know what you're getting him this year.


Weber Charcoal/Wood Smoker

If you're looking for a way to impress your grill master dad, look no further. Pair it with the new Franklin Barbecue Master Class and he'll be award-winning in no time.

Tie Bar

The Essentials Neck Tie Gift Set

Sure, you could get your dad the typical tie you get him every year, or you can get him a whole gift set for the price of a couple nice ties. Complete with four neckties, three pocket squares, two pairs of socks, two classic tie bars, and a pair of collar stays, (all in matching and complimentary colors), this is the ultimate gift for the classic man.


Relative Insanity Game

For the dad who doesn't take anything seriously (if I hear one more dad joke...), skip the fancy presents and get him a hilarious game he'll want to pull out at all your family get-togethers.

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