The interactive Cheerble cat board game is on sale for $30 off

Two cats playing on a grey mat with colored holes and red pom pom

TL;DR: As of April 11, the Cheerble Board Game All-in-One Interactive Toy for Cats is on sale for just $48 with the code CHEERBLE30. That'll get you 38% off its usual price of $78.

We love our pets every day, but there's no better way to celebrate than by picking up a special treat in honor of pet day this April. There's a lot of hype over interactive enrichment toys for dogs, but what about your feline friend? Cats like to play, too.

Thanks to Cheerble, the brand that brought us the Wicked Ball and Wickedbone, your cat can get in on the action with its own board game. Funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, the Cheerble Board Game interactive toy keeps your cats hooked with a tiny Cheerble ball that hides throughout a maze of different holes.

The Cheerble ball lets you have control over how long or how often your cat plays. It turns on automatically as often or as little as you'd like, as soon as your furry friend touches it. It lights up and starts moving under the maze and within the scratch post, which piques your cat's interest and gets them moving. Your cat can poke, prod, and push the ball throughout the maze, no matter what size their little paws are.

You can choose between three different activity modes, including normal, gentle, or active for your feline friend. With a built-in scratchpad and extra accessories, like a plush ball that moves when your cat paws at it, your pet will be entertained for hours.

Here's a glimpse of the board game in play mode:

This all-in-one interactive board game toy and scratcher playground retails for $78 on a typical day, but in honor of pet day, you can use the code CHEERBLE30 at checkout to save $30 automatically. That means you'll bring it home for just $48.

Prices subject to change.

Cat playing with grey mat with red and blue holes and red pom pom
Credit: Cheerble
Cheerble Board Game: All-in-One Interactive Toy for Cats
$48 at the Mashable Shop with code CHEERBLE30