This Week’s Crowdfunding Spotlight 3/17/23

I’m doing my little Friday dance even though you can see it. Let’s celebrate the oncoming weekend with a crowdfunding collection!

Point City + Deep Dive

I enjoy crowdfunders that let me pick up multiple games in 1 shot. In this one you can get your hands on. Point City is a sequel to Point Salad and uses card-drafting and engine-building to create a city. Each turn you’ll be grabbing 2 cards from the display to add to your city. Deep Dive is a push-your-luck game with set collection where you are penguins trying to catch fish in the depths of the ocean. During your turn you dive in by flipping over tiles. You’ll need to decide if you will continue deeper, chancing an encounter with a predator, but also potentially collecting bigger and bigger fish.

Both games look quick to learn and play and offer just enough strategy to keep the whole family entertained. You can submerge yourself in the Point City and Deep Dive campaign here on Kickstarter.

From The Moon

Humanity is is desperate need of a new home and its up to you to build a base on the moon where we can send out ships to settle some new planets. From the Moon mixes worker-crafting with base-building. Each turn you will add workers to your rover and send it out to gather resources and take actions. You’ll build out your base, do research, and launch ships to take part in missions. If you manage to launch three of your ships and achieve your objectives, you win!

I like the system of choosing which workers will go out on your rover as you have to be strategic about who you add and what you assign them to do. I also love how you’ll add onto your board as you go with new tiles and upgrades. i think it will be one of those games that is satisfying even if you don’t win, because you’ll have something to show off at the end like “Look at my glorious base!” You can check out From the Moon on Kickstarter here!

Lore Board Game

Lore is a storytelling game that takes place over three rounds. On your turn you will draw an event and resolve its effects then move your character to an adjacent location. Each location has different effects that will influence your characters abilities and any actions they take there. You can take a variety of actions including telling a story by adding cubes to a lore card, collecting treasure, questing, gaining a companion, buying special items from the merchant, or dueling a monster. At the end of the game the player who earned the most points during the three rounds wins.

The game is is beautifully illustrated and I love that you can collaborate with other players to finish lore cards to share points. Games like this are fascinating as at the end of the game you have created unique narratives from the different parts of your adventure. Discover more about Lore on Kickstarter here!

In Woodland Wizards you are little forest creatures with big magical abilities! In this card game you and your opponents will be trying to best each other in a tournament. Summon creatures and use spells to strengthen your own creatures or weaken your opponent’s. Each round you will score points for your summoned creature and at the end of the game the player with the most points wins the tournament!

Woodland Wizards looks light and strategic with beautiful art that depicts wonderous creatures. If you are looking for a quick, competitive card game that can handle up to 6 players, then check out Woodland Wizards  on Kickstarter here.

In Dreams

In Dreams is a solo roleplaying game where you are exploring dreams by using a deck of cards. You’ll use combinations of cards to first build a character and then draw cards to create encounters for your character to interact with. Each card has arrows that will lead to different words on the other cards that will generate a prompt. Once you have the prompt you can use it to write down what you interpret the scene to be and how your character reacts. If any 2 cards in your prompt have the same suit, you will draw an event card which will tall you what happens and the feeling that event has. After each encounter you will see if your character has reached their goal and it not, you can continue having encounters until you do. At the end of the game you’ll have a complete story of your character’s adventure through the land of dreams.

Solo rpg games like this are fascinating as they really challenge you to tap into your creativity and flex your imagination. I like that the story is all yours since there is no GM to affect your narrative. You can explore In Dreams on Gamefound here to learn more.

What projects are you backing this week? Let me know in the comments below or on Twitter with #GameCrowdfundSpotlight and check back next week for more fun projects!

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