Thread: Art and Graphic Design:: Instructions on how to use Midjourney AI to generate free placeholder art for your games

by BoredGamesLab

The hype is real and this is much easier to interact with than the other AIs I've tried to use (and produces better results from what I can see).

I did a full write up on the instructions, good key words to use, observations, etc. at my blog.[/url]

Ultimately, there are some things, themes, styles it does better than others and you will need to experiment with key words and phrasing. If you're after a very specific image - you probably won't get it. If you just want a cool image that's open for interpretation, Midjourney is perfect.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Sign in with a Discord account (or create if you don’t have one)

Step 3: Go to one of the Newcomer Rooms on the left hand navigation pane

Step 4: Type into the chat box “/imagine” press spacebar then type your prompt (e.g. /imagine studio ghibli animation, cooking pan on fire)

Check out this one that another user created with some very specific key words (I just happened to see it, there are heaps of other cool images):