Thread: Art and Graphic Design:: 【Japanese game】 Join our team and make your own character!

by kanna_bg


Dear BGG friends,

We are Japanese board game creators, and we are making a board game based on a Japanese fairy tale called HIZURU.
We are now using kickstarter to upgrade this game.

We would like to include foreign heroes( fairytale character) in this game.
Would you like to help us?

Please post on Twitter with this hashtag "#FairytaleRemake". Please make a cool remake of a fairytale character. The best entries will be used as cards for the board game "HIZURU".
Deadline for entries: August 31, 2012

In Japan, more than 100 people participated in this campaign.
The hashtag was "#昔話キャラリメイク選手権". Have a look at it.

We need your help!
(DeepL Translation.)

HIZURU is a looping Co-op rogue-like board game based on a Japanese fairy tale. The player becomes the hero of a fairy tale, and in order to bring back the light to this world, he or she leads powerful companions to fight against the evil demon "Higurai".