Thread: Art and Graphic Design:: Looking for someone to create art for a board game

by taahla

Hello yall, I was slowly looking over everyones art and realized it was going to take me way too long so I decided to make this post.

Anyways for the actual game, its a coop memory game thats in space.
What I need is a board and about 7 custom cards.
I have a tabletop simulator version of the game if you want to check it out (the art is bad though) its mostly been used for play testing.

The board does not need to be very detailed, I really want the 7 custom cards to pop.
For the 7 custom cards, I'd like them to be different constellations with the remaining 5 on the board in some way.

Art Ideas
mixed with
[I wish i made these, but they are purely to show aesthetic] [aiming for a greek vibe throughout the constellations]

If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing please reach out to me 🙂