Thread: Board Game Art and Graphic Design:: Deck Building game Card design- War Among the Gods

by CastlesandMonsters

Hey everyone,
Just would like to introduce myself, My name is Clayton Macleod and I am a new game designer working on my first game.

I just wanted to share some card designs for a Greek mythology deck-building game I have been deploying and gather some feedback.

Creature cards that players can purchase to add to their deck too, later on, have them fight for them. In this game creatures have a color chain mechanic, so to play more than one creature the symbols must match on the side you play the creature on, as shown in the image. Other games like Nightfall use this but play the cards on top of each other. In this game, you play the cards side by side. Hope this makes sense in the design. Creatures have a type (water, fire, dark, light etc) This just means some creatures can add more damage when fighting another creature type.

Sheild cards are equipped to the player "character" and used to help block attacks from another player. This shield can only block 2 attacks and then is discarded into the player's discard pile. I would like to mention this is not a player elimination game. Players can reach 0 HP but that only means that can not win the game until they gain enough HP to "re-enter" the game. (they still take turns as normal)

Character card a player can play as.