Thread: Board Game Art and Graphic Design:: Hero Card Layout Feedback

by gilthanas

I am working on a 1 v 1 Greek themed "hero maze chess" (easiest way to describe it) and am working on layout concepts for the character sheets. The gameplay involves collecting tokens which are placed on the character sheet (in the circles) in descending order. As you collect the tokens it powers up your character by unlocking the next tier down. "Token Ability" allow you to use powerful abilities at the cost of removing one of your tokens thus taking you back one tier from the tiers on the right. The game rules would convey most of the information as they would be universal for all the heroes. So you wouldn't need any indication on the hero sheet that the token abilities require the removal of a token, you would know this from the rules. Is it readable with what little you know? Bare in mind all colors and images are placeholder only, more of a layout critique request and suggestions of any information addition you deem necessary.