Thread: Board Game Art and Graphic Design:: How do you create your cards for games or prototypes?

by leonelr

Hello everyone!

My doubt is that, as it says in the title:
Where and how do you put your cards together?

This is for everyone who creates their cards. Be a designer, manufacturer or a handyman for p & p.
I'm not just talking about how they print and cut them. Basically how they design them.
They make them by hand, they use software, they hire a designer, they use a website, etc.
I give my example. For prototyping I usually always use a simple sheet and pencil. When it didn't work, he discarded the paper and got a new one. Later I learned to use photoshop, and well I made them a little cooler, than I did on paper. But hey, it was also an unnecessary waste of time.

Basically that's it. If such a thread already exists, I apologize and redirect myself to it. If you are in the wrong section I ask for the transfer too.

It interests me and it is a subject from which many of us can learn.

I share some collectible card designs that I am currently doing, as I said I use photoshop.