Thread: Board Game Art and Graphic Design:: Looking for illustrator / graphic designer for zombie game

by AgerPaul

Hey everyone!

For our game Day Zero we are looking for an illustrator / graphic designer to support our project. Day Zero is a post-apocalyptic cooperative game for 1 to 4 players. It has a story driven campaign, where you build up a settlement (build buildings), defend that settlement against zombies or other groups - and (this is the biggest part) attend missions to collect new items for your base or equipment for your group. For the last part it plays a bit like Gloomhaven, but with some tweaks - like a cover system and a more equipment orientated gameplay.

We are two game designers doing this in our free time for quite some time now. We have the battle system worked out and will start playtesting with testers soon. There is still a lot of work to do and currently we aim for a Kickstarter launch of our game in the end of 2021. We both are experienced with handling projects this big in our day job and know what we are getting into. We also are willing to invest a lot of time (which we already did) and also money (as little as possible, as much as necessary) into bringing this idea to kickstarter and fascinate players for our game. What we lack: Graphic Designing skills. Doing basic stuff like tokens or cards is not an issue, but we need:

- 10-20 (tbd) character drawings, which will also serve as a template for the character miniatures
- 15-30 (tbd) enemy designs for standees
- A Box art
- Graphics for our tiles, of which the mission maps are built (should be ~15 two sided tiles, so 30 graphics consisting of 4x4 to 8x8 fields).
Objects to be placed on the tiles to create individual maps for all scenarios. Those could be: trees, bushes, stones, furniture, cars, …. Should be around 50 tiles
- Promotional graphic material (for the kickstarter page, home page, social media, ...). Creating versions of things in the right format for those channels can also be done on our own, but we need some raw material for that
- Templates for the front and back of our cards and some other things like character sheets

We know that graphic designers also need to eat and pay rent and can not do those things out of passion. On the other hand, this is a hobby project and we do not think that we will get rich out of it. We started it because we want to bring our idea to life. So we thought about a mixture of a collaboration and a compensation deal. What could this look like? You receive compensation in money for your work, which will not represent the work you put into the design, but nonetheless give you compensation. How much? Let’s discuss!

Many graphics can be done AFTER a successful campaign on kickstarter. E.g.: We do not need 15 character drawings, but maybe 6 for the campaign. Also not all map tiles and objects need to be done before a campaign. Same goes for the enemies. Your name will be on the box, in the manual and all marketing material where our name will be as well (Kickstarter page, web page, …) and of course you could use the project as a reference. If the game is a big success and we make money out of it: You will participate in it.

Why are we searching for a designer in such an early state? We think urgency makes everything harder - so getting a designer on board as early as we try to, makes it easier for everyone. We are aware that doing graphic designs as early always has a risk of doing things, that need to be revised later. But we are convinced that there is some work which can be done now.

That’s all just an idea, all open to discussion. If you are interested feel free to contact us via PM or drop us a mail to And then lets talk!

Looking forward to hearing from you. zombie