Thread: Board Game Art and Graphic Design:: Seeking a future artist for a hybrid card-board game

by slalleme

Hi everybody,
I'm on a hybrid strategic card-board game based on an existing game: Heroes of Might and Magic 3.
The game is developed 100% Python (with Pygame) but I'm thinking in migrating it in a browser framework like Phaser but keeping Python as engine.
I'm able to do everything but I'm a terrible artist! That's why I would need to get contact and quotation for when the game will be finished in its first version.Todey it's done at 80%.
To have an idea of each of interested artist is able to renderize, I would like for each of you draw theses 3 cards in your own style if possible.This way I'm able to imagine how would be the final game face!
To help you to quote, there's around 400 cards and 5 different scenes to draw. This is a full 2D game with some animation but I need someone only for static images.
If it helps, I speak French, Portuguese ad English.
I hope I'll have some return and I thank you by advance.