Thread: Board Game Art and Graphic Design:: The art of Ambal Tournament

by ZerusDabliu

Hello everyone, wanted to share some of the art development for my game and show the process. How many of you are going through a similar process right now?

The beautiful illustrations are one of the highlights of Ambal Tournament, we value art and want to deliver high quality (and super cool) illustrations with the game.

Done in a painterly style, each skill comes with a unique illustration. In addition to that, each School of Knowledge has their own monochromatic color scheme, so every skill from the same School fits together beautifully.

The four Schools are Water Magic (blue), Fire Magic (orange/red), Assassination Path (purple) and Sword Path (yellow).

Each piece was (and will be for the remaining ones) carefully thought and developed, going back and forth between designer and illustrator to reach a final and exciting look. There's a lot of effort to bring functionality and visuals together in each piece, allowing players to explore the details and possibilities of each card.

When I first started writing the lore it was pretty unoriginal with magic, elves and orcs. That soon was set aside so I could come up with something from scratch, more true to my vision and without the constraints of existing mithos. Of course it is more work but I’m having fun creating the different races with their characteristics and relationship with the world (more about that in the upcoming Lore update).

The goal was to make a world that feels different from what’s out there and incorporate different cultures that inspire me. And the same goes for the art, the goal is to present something very unique that will make people recognize where it is from.

I'm working with four amazing artists, it was a bit challenging to have everyone do a similar style but it's working great now.
We are trying to get the project funded on Kickstarter right now, people are pretty excited about the style of the game!

Thanks for reading =)