Tiffani Thiessen: There isn’t a room I can go where my kids won’t find me


Tiffani Thiessen and her husband, Brady Smith, have been quarantining with their kids Harper, 10 and Holt, five, in their beautiful Montecito home. Recently Tiffani shipped her little ones off to their grandparents and was so excited to get rid of them, she posted a celebratory video to her Instagram about it. Tiffani talked to Us magazine about coping with lockdown. During a round of Quarantine Confessions, she admitted to the occasional meltdown – one as recently as this weekend – because she can never get a moment to herself.

To each their own! Tiffani Thiessen has no shame in admitting her quarantine habits, both good and bad.

When Thiessen recently caught up with Us Weekly, she played a game of “Quarantine Confessions.” At the time, the Saved by the Bell alum, 46, dished on the many things she’s done while sheltering at home, including experiencing mommy meltdowns.

“Of course I have, yes. I had one this weekend,” she admitted, before noting that the recent news of Los Angeles Unified School District “not going back” to traditional schooling and the “numbers going up” for coronavirus cases hasn’t helped.

Thiessen said that she doesn’t have a place at home where she can hideout when the going gets tough. “There’s not a room in my house that, as a mother, I can go to that they will not find me. That’s crazy,” the Beverly Hills, 90210 alum said. “That is the difference between the role of a mother and a father. My husband, [Brady Smith], can hide and they will not look for him. Mommy, totally different.”

Early on in her quarantine, Thiessen would “definitely” go through “a glass or two” of wine per night. However, she said she’s been “good” about her alcohol consumption during quarantine more recently.

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Girl, same! I was just telling CB the other day about losing it and shouting at my kids, one of whom deserved it. Not just a, “hey, pull it together,” type of warning, more like an open mouth and unleash hell kind of moment. I’m not proud of it, but I won’t lie and say that it didn’t prove somewhat cathartic. And much of the issue is exactly what Tiffani is talking about, the fact that my space is always shared, not matter where I am or what I am doing. Usually it isn’t an issue because I genuinely like the people I live with. But I have to get better about shutting my office door and allowing myself to have my moment, like Michelle Obama counseled. I did it one day. It freaked everyone out because I hadn’t given any advance warning, but it hit the reset button for me, so I won’t wait too long to do it again.

Tiffani said to combat the lockdown blues, she and her family have been doing, “lots of arts and crafts… [We’re also doing] puzzles, lots of puzzles.” Can I be honest? I am so f*cking tired of crafts and board games at this point. I said we really needed to break out of our rut on Saturday and two members of my household suggested yet another board game. I almost threw it at them. I need something a little more extreme now, like recreating casinos and art galleries for my family to “visit.” After work today I’m taking my daughter and dogs to Petco to shop for some new toys and yes, I actually have that as an activity on my calendar. One thing Tiffani said they are doing is a “family canvas” in which they are all contributing. That kind of collective artwork intrigues me some. My husband is hellbent on filming a horror short with some new movie software he’s downloaded and we’ll all contribute to that. Hopefully that will scratch some itch because I’m about tapped creatively.

Photo Credit: Tiffani Thiessen’s Instagram