Trivia Quiz: Everybody Loves Raymond - Season 1

Braingle's Daily Trivia Quiz for Dec 29, 2021

A Television > Comedy Quiz : Here are a few questions that will test your knowledge about the first season of the TV sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond".

1. Ray works as a sportswriter for _______.
2. When Debra takes the reins on that year's Thanksgiving, she forgoes turkey and decides to cook duck.
3. What is the name of the sexy new waitress at Nemo's Restaurant who catches Ray's attention, getting him into trouble with Debra?
4. When their cable goes out, what board game do Ray, Debra, Frank, Marie, and Robert decide to play to pass the time?
5. While Debra is helping Ally with her project about _____, Ray and Debra recall why they moved to a house across the street from Frank and Marie's.
6. In the season's Christmas episode, Ray discovers that the ball that Frank claims that was signed by _________ is a fake.
7. What kind of animal is Robert's pet, Shamsky Number 2?
8. On the day that Ray has to miss work to take his sick children to the doctor, which athlete was he supposed to be interviewing?
9. Frank tries his hand at writing after his anecdote gets published in ________.
10. Frank likes to smell the heads of Ray and Debra's twin boys because he claims to be able to "suck in their youth".

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