Trivia Quiz: Featured Star: Robin Williams

Braingle's Daily Trivia Quiz for Aug 10, 2021

A Movies Quiz : Since 1980, Robin Williams has been acting in many feature films. How many do you know?

1. In what 1993 film did Robin Williams's character, Daniel, dress up as an old woman so he could babysit his kids?
2. In the 2007 movie "____ Rush", Robin Williams co-stars next to Freddie Highmore.
3. In what movie did Robin Williams play a medical student who tried to treat illnesses with humour?
4. In what movie did Robin Williams provide his voice for the characters Ramon and Lovelace?
5. Robin Williams played Alan Parrish in this movie about a mysterious board game.
6. Robin Williams soon found out he was Peter Pan as he journeyed off to Neverland to rescue his children in this 1991 film.
7. In the movie "Man of the Year", Robin Williams plays Tom Dobbs, a comedian who runs for president.
8. For which character in "Aladdin" did Williams provide his voice?
9. In what movie did Robin Williams play Reverend Frank alongside Mandy Moore?
10. "What Dreams May Come" was a film about how Chris Neilson, played by Williams, dies and gets sent to Heaven, where it's more amazing than he could ever have imagined.

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