Unique Board Game Storage Ideas!

This board game storage ideas will save tons of space and maybe help you retake one of your closets/cabinets again!

Board Game Storage to Save Space

Does your family loves board games – and maybe you've been collecting a wee bit more during the pandemic?

You might be looking for better board game storage solutions (Like PPP Team Member Jamie – who's game cabinet shown above is overflowing these days!)  Well I've want to show you this great idea to save TONS of space and reduce board game clutter!

My friend Lori who organizes people's homes for a living shared this board game storage idea with us recently.  I'll let her tell how she did it!

Lori here!!  When I set out to help a friend tackle her board game mess – we decided to ditch the boxes and use mesh zippered bags to store games. Now they take up about 1/3 of the space and have a cute little basket to call home 🙂   She saw this idea over on Pinterest and it worked out great!

NOTE: A PPP reader mentioned on Facebook that she was scared to get rid of her boxes for some reason…

Here’s my answer: I had that same thought… But then seeing how much space you gain back, it’s totally worth it. Plus when little ones carry a game zipped in a bag there’s less chance of them dropping & dumping the contents everywhere.

Board Game Storage Using Bags

To get started, we first opened up all the board game boxes and measured the game boards to decide what kind of bags you'll need to order.  We next separated the games into piles based on size – so we could order the right size zipper bags (some of the games we thought would fit into the smaller size actually needed the larger bag – so I recommend ordering more of the larger size).

Here are the ones we chose:

NOTE: If you don't already – make sure you have the following supplies on hand as well:


Reader Nikki shared this before picture with us – she saved a ton of space with the bag method!

Board Game Storage Instructions:

Using a sharp pair of scissors we cut the name of the game from the game's box-top.

Next we used two strips of strong packing tape (2-3 inches longer than the name) to adhere the name to the front of the mesh bag.

For games that had cards and small game pieces we used small Zip Lock bags and rubber bands to contain those items inside the mesh bags.

We also made sure to include any directions for each game. Some games had the directions printed on the box or on a cardboard insert inside the box – we cut those out OR we found those directions on line and printed them out.

You can use any type of bin or basket to store your newly organized games in.  My friend had these baskets already – but if you're looking around This is a great option because of the generous size and handles!  Remember it will need to be at LEAST as large as your largest game board.

Reader Nikki used these fabric bins to store her games – those are super cute too!

Once we were finished we recycled the no longer needed cardboard boxes and voila!  So much saved space!

My friend had this to say:

Now the game bags fit nicely into a couple baskets that can be set out – now that my kids see them regularly, they play them more. And, since they’re not hidden behind closed doors, friends see them when they come over and ask to play…


Try Vertical Board Game Storage

Reader Brenda had another great idea that doesn't really require any supplies – just a change of perspective!

She turned her board games on their sides and was able to fit in lots of board games in a tidy way into her game closet – I think she did a great job with that space!  (Photo Credit – Brenda)

Actually that closet looks like TOO much fun – now we all kinda want to be one of Brenda's kiddos! 😉

You're turn!

What storage ideas for Board Games do you use to keep them organized?


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