Video: How Nintendo Influenced My Grade School Life

We all live in a Pokémon world.

Now I always remembered being absolutely obsessed with Pokémon and The Legend of Zelda growing up in the 90's, but after recently uncovering a few boxes of my childhood school papers at my family's place, the word "obsessed" took on an entirely different meaning. These boxes contained plenty of random essays, math tests and writing guides, but they also held hundred of drawings, stories, and projects themed around the worlds and characters of my favorite video games of the time. Little did I realize that I used nearly every creative opportunity I could to express my love for the games that brought me so much joy in my younger days. Even if that just meant drawing Pikachu in as many different ways I could think up.

I've gone ahead and put together an in-depth video highlighting some of the more noteworthy grade school papers and projects from my childhood, ranging from simple drawings of Pikachu, an Oracle of Ages board game, a reimagined version of Ocarina of Time's story and much, much more. Please, bear in mind that I've never been a great artist, so you can probably imagine how cringe-worthy some of these projects must be, but I thought it would be an absolute waste not to share some of these with the world, purely on how silly and wholesome some of them are.

When I first lifted the lid on those boxes and realized what was inside, all I could think about was how much of a chore it was going to be to go through all those papers. But what I didn't prepare myself for was how much fun I was going to have, laughing at my old spelling habits, and slightly regretting cutting up a perfectly good Zelda strategy guide for a project. I hope this brings you a few laughs, and if it sends you on a quest to go searching for your own nostalgic essays and etchings, I'll know I've done my job right.

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