Wingspan European Expansion Digital Review

Wingspan Digital European Expansion

Wingspan Digital European ExpansionThe Wingspan digital adaptation is excellent. And now you can get the European Expansion to add more birds, more goals and more replay value.

Wingspan European Expansion Description:

Previously I reviewed the digital version of Wingspan and the physical version of the European Expansion. The European Expansion was recently released for the digital edition of the game.
The inclusion of this expansion is seamless with the original game. You get the new birds, new goals, and new objectives and are pretty much ready to go. I highlighted most of the changes in my review of the physical version of the European Expansion.

Quick Review of Wingspan Digital European Expansion :

Buying this expansion is a no-brainer for Wingspan fans. It is awesome. It creates more paths to victory (besides laying eggs) and adds replay value to an already excellent game.

I have played well over 100 games of Wingspan Digital with my wife (and two AI opponents) and I am sure I’ll play over 100 more with the European Expansion. I do wish the AI was more competitive. In all the games we have played the AI has won under ten times. It is nice to think my wife and I are just that good, but going against harder AI opponents would be nice.

If you have played Wingspan and want to mix it up with more great content, Buy the European Expansion. It is a no brainer. It makes a really good game even better with barely any new rules. If you are not a fan of Wingspan, I am not sure this expansion will change your mind. But it might.

Wingspan and the expansion are available on Steam, GOG, Switch, Xbox, iOS, and Android platforms.