Wordle is being turned into a multiplayer board game by Hasbro

Next time you sit down to play a board game with your friends or family, you might be pulling out Scrabble. Instead, you could pull out Wordle.

The hit online puzzle is being turned into a multiplayer board game, according to The New York Times, which purchased Wordle earlier this year. It is partnering with Hasbro to introduce Wordle: The Party Game later this year. In this new physical game, Wordle becomes a group activity where one player thinks of a five-letter word and the other players have to guess it and try to be first. Once people have guessed with dry-erase markers on small dry-erase boards, the word-thinker will slide yellow and green tiles over the correct letters.

When a round is over, you can wipe the boards and play again. Hasbro shows how the game works in the video below.

Wordle: The Party Game will launch in North America in October 2022. You can preorder it from the game's website beginning 14 July 2022 for $19.99. The game will ship on 1 October 2022.

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